Posted by: n26panache | 2014-09-04

Shark Worlds 2014

I sailed on Otazel for the Shark World Championships.  We basically got it handed to us all week, but it was character building… And by the end, we were faster than we started.  Focus on the positives.

Posted by: n26panache | 2014-08-22


2014 QCYC Series 3, Race 2

Astra and Alycia joined us and the Wednesday wind was finally coming out of a direction other than north.  We loved racing a windward-leeward course, and didn’t mind that Troubador took the week off.  We got the win, but not without being constantly pressured by Strange Device.

Posted by: n26panache | 2014-08-15

Playing Catchup

It’s been a busy few weeks with a *lot* of video to edit…  Several races and a long-weekend cruise from Toronto to Niagara-on-the-Lake backlogged my video editing and the trickle-down effect is that the blog hasn’t been updated in weeks.  Here are links to all the videos which I finally caught up with as of late last night:

Posted by: n26panache | 2014-07-25

Tickler Play

2014 QCYC Series 2, Race 3

Perry got a workout this week, constantly making adjustments to the sail trim (aka: “Playing the Ticklers”).  We sailed a great race, finishing 5 minutes ahead of the next boat behind us, but nobody can keep up with Dan and Jess on Troubador…. they were 4 minutes ahead of us.  They’re putting the pressure on the raise the bar, that’s for sure 🙂

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