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Holy Shift

2013 QCYC Championship

The culmination of the Wednesday night series at Queen City is the Champion of Champions, our club championship. We sailed three 5-lap races in the most “Toronto harbour” sailing conditions possible: north wind with tons of gusts and lulls and constant shifts.

Pat, Meg and Phoebe bravely came out to race. I tried everything to find us a fifth, but you’d be surprised just how hard it can be to find somebody willing to come sailing on a nice day…

Anyway, we did pretty great all things considered. We battled through all the weird shifts, and even overcame some technical difficulty with the boat. We won the third race, were just two seconds behind Otazel for second place in the first race and our worst race was a third in race two. Borne Home ended up winning our division and we were second… Good for third overall!

A very challenging day, but we had a ton of fun.

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9 Seconds From A Perfect Ending

2013 QCYC – Series 3, Race 5

It was the last race of the Wednesday night season.  We wanted to go out the same way we started the year: with a win over our friends on Blythe Spirit.

Phil, Allison, Jay and Pat came out with me for the attempt.  It was a perfect late-summer night of a medium breeze and beautiful sun.  Just the type of conditions that we could pull off a race win.

Our start was great.  We were mid-line in clean air, with Blythe under us.  We were able to go deep on the first tack, keeping them under us until we were ready to tack for the first mark.  The next two legs went well for us, with Blythe stuck trying to get around Skeena and Amelie behind us.  That gave us a little distance over them.

Then our second upwind leg didn’t go as well as Blythe’s and they caught up several boat lengths.  We couldn’t really pull away from then on.  We had caught one of the Sharks and were eating a little bad air on the final leg… in the end we finished 17 seconds ahead of Blythe, but on corrected time, they got the win by 9 seconds… so close.

We’ll take solace in the fact that we still win the series, and that makes it 3-for-3 for us.  A great season.  Definitely our best yet.

Posted by: n26panache | 2013-09-16

Cookie Time

2013 AHMEN Series: Race #4

My regular crew member, Phil brought his three sons out for a racing Saturday.  I couldn’t tell if they liked the sailing more or the cookies that their dad brought.  Whatever it was, we pulled together as a team and won the race on what was a gorgeous, if a bit chilly day on the water.

Posted by: n26panache | 2013-09-11

Early Retirement FTW

2013 QCYC Open Regatta

It was an awesome event, but not a great race day for us personally.  Our only real win was that we retired early.  A lot a lot of rain and cold.

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