Posted by: n26panache | 2014-07-25

Tickler Play

2014 QCYC Series 2, Race 3

Perry got a workout this week, constantly making adjustments to the sail trim (aka: “Playing the Ticklers”).  We sailed a great race, finishing 5 minutes ahead of the next boat behind us, but nobody can keep up with Dan and Jess on Troubador…. they were 4 minutes ahead of us.  They’re putting the pressure on the raise the bar, that’s for sure :)

Posted by: n26panache | 2014-07-10

Sailboats Collide!

2014 QCYC Series 2, Race 2

Oh what a night for the new rear-facing cam to make its debut!  Perry finally got to finish a race this year.  The conditions were perfect for a great night of sailing…. oh, and we did get hit from behind.

We’re in a new PHRF split for series 2, and the obvious boat to beat is Dan and Jess in Troubador.  They got us by over a minute, but we’ll take our strong second place finish.

Posted by: n26panache | 2014-06-12

AMAZING Start… Foggy Finish

2014 QCYC Series 1, Race 4

Perry and Phoebe finally made it out for a race, which was timely as Pat was under the weather.  Speaking of weather…  We won the jug for first over the start line and were killing it upwind and downwind… but the fog was just too much.  Couldn’t see 50 yards by the time the race was abandoned.


Posted by: n26panache | 2014-05-29


2014 QCYC Series 1, Race 2

Kristina and Phil joined Pat, Jake and I for the second race of the year.  We were a little less rusty and managed to squeak out an 18-second win over Skeena.  We really should pay more attention to how many times around the course is set for though…

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